Serious Games

Learning through play

We believe that games can be valuable and highly engaging learning tools. By actively engaging with the topic, a player’s knowledge and memory of the subject increases

Games are also well suited to test player’s attitudes during complex situations and provide a great opportunity for reflection and feedback. Furthermore, utilizing these innovative and entertaining tools in your training means that the training will be valued higher by participants.

Our unique approach

Our in-depth knowledge of entertainment games and serious games allows us to create experiences that are Educating, Engaging, and Entertaining. The combination of these three elements ensures that trainees are more energised while knowledge and skills are transferred more effectively and in a more engaging manner. 

We offer tailor-made games and tools made specifically for your needs. We work in close co-creation with you to ensure the game-based solution satisfies your learning objectives in a unique and innovative way.

Our Work
people playing outbreak management game Greep op Griep
Greep op Griep / Influencing Influenza

In collaboration with Transmissible we have developed a mixed-media outbreak response game where players learn about the different facets and complex decision making involved in an influenza outbreak scenario. The game is included in the curricula of several European universities and public health organisations.

Play Your Part: Vaccine Ecosystem

We developed a game for a workshop at the annual European Health Forum in Gastein for our clients MSD and Sanofi to showcase the complexities of the vaccine ecosystem. The game displayed that while all stakeholders involved may have their own goals, they also share a responsibility to ensure the survival of a healthy vaccine ecosystem within Europe.

Our Clients