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A multi-disciplinary game development studio

Our Story

For the love of games

As passionate gamers and designers, we’re living our dream, as they say. Applying our love and knowledge of games, we create digital adaptations of tabletop games for other publishers, develop engaging training and educational material, and continue shaping our dreams by releasing games in our own Untamed universe.  

Since we started in 2017, we’ve been creating games for mobile, pc and tabletop. We’ve even combined digital and tabletop gaming into what we call mixed media experiences in our serious games. As we’re players ourselves, first and foremost, we use a player-first design philosophy aiming to give players the best experience possible, regardless of the platform.

Meet The Owls
Milan Lefferts

Milan is our Game Director and leads our team with regards to (digital) game development, design and customer service. His dance moves are legendary.

Miltos Nedelkos

Miltos is Grumpy Owl Games’ Software Architect and is the mastermind behind our software projects. He also likes pandas.

Vincent van Gils

Vincent, our CEO, handles our business development, sales and marketing. His spirit animal is a sloth.

Jeremy Falger

Our Art Director and Lead Designer, Jeremy, handles our visuals, UX and game design efforts. He also owns way too many board games.

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